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Michele NS

I've been where you are.  I thought I could do it all by myself.  As soon as I got out of treatment I put those books they gave me on the shelf and threw away all those little drawings and crafts I made. 

"Use the tools in your toolbox," they said.

But for some strange reason, I didn’t know how to use my toolbox when I went grocery shopping.  The wine and booze aisles were larger than the produce section. And if I survived the supermarket I had to make it through the day without having wine delivered to my door.  My will power alone couldn’t shield me from all the opportunities to relapse. 


After many failed attempts at sobriety, I finally was able to stay sober. It’s easier staying sober than getting sober.  It took time, and it took the help of other people who knew exactly what I was going through.


Some of us are sicker than others, and some of us need a bit more TLC and hand-holding to learn how to live a sober life on our own. Now more than ever, during this pandemic, it’s important that we don’t suffer in isolation.



If you, your family member, friend, employee, or co-worker is suffering, I am here to help.

Female Business Owners
Business Consultation

Sober Companion

Live with you 24/7 after Rehab

Prepare your living space for sobriety

Help recognize relapse warning signs

Accompany you to business/social events that can be stressful triggers

Sober Escort

From Treatment/Rehab to Home

To 12-Step Meetings, IOP, or Therapy

On Vacation or Business Trips

Recovery Coach

Promote Recovery

Remove Barriers to Sobriety

Connect to Recovery Support Services

Function as Your Liaison/Advocate


How To Hire Female Sober Companion?

Michele NS is an Independent Contractor with the Agencies below.

You can contact the agency of your choice directly and request Michele NS as your Sober Companion and/or Sober Escort.

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Contact Michele NS Directly:

(202) 838-3899